simplified leadership

Unlike other leadership workshops, Harness the Power of Leadership boils leadership learning down to the basics. It’s not about corporate buzzwords, motivational speeches, and trust exercises that don’t relate to the real world. It’s simple and it’s been working for 78 years.


The Leader Dog Method

Harness the Power of Leadership Training is based upon the same three principles we use to train our Leader Dogs. 

Meaningful Guidance, Recognition and Clarification

Workshop Leaders

During this one-day, one-of-a-kind leadership workshop, your managers and teams will learn from the following experts: 

Person Who is Blind, Leader Dog and Trained Facilitator

Put Your Learning to the Test

Leadership experts take you through blindfolded walks with trained Leader Dogs who are used as tools to highlight the foundational principles of leadership.  

While wearing a blindfold, you’ll walk with a Leader Dog and learn the principles of Leadership.